Part of the House: Buy a Bong

  • December 7, 2015
  • Bongs

I’m a pretty casual smoker who typically only smokes socially, so when my roommate suggested that we chip in some money together and buy a bong for the house, I was pretty skeptical. I didn’t want to really invest any money in my smoking habit, especially considering the fact that the people I smoke with typically have their own methods of smoking that they carry with them.

Well, for the twenty dollars I put into it, the bong was a pretty good investment. We do have friends over regularly to have some drinks and smoke, so having the bong there has been pretty convenient, particularly when nobody else had any other method of smoking. Plus, I’ve also discovered that it’s my favorite method of smoking.

Our bong has basically become a piece of furniture now. It sits on the coffee table in the living room, just waiting for someone to grab it, pack it, and show it some love. There are plenty of things I could have spent that twenty bucks on that wouldn’t have given me nearly as much enjoyment as this little piece of glass.

My only regret is the fact that whenever either I or my roommate moves out of the house and into a different place, we’re going to have to figure out who gets the bong. I imagine that there could be a conflict. I’ve decided that I want it, as it not only is enjoyable to smoke out of, but it also carries with it some important memories for me of events with friends that happened in my early twenties.

I will, at the very least, offer my roommate the twenty bucks he put in for me to keep the bong. If he won’t take it, I might have to make a bigger offer in order to keep it.

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