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Tips for great user experience for your website

So you are having a website built by a web design new york company? Excellent, hopefully you are pleased with the project so far. User experience is a huge part of how successful your website will be. That’s why we have compiled a short list of user experience tips for you.

●    White Space Matters
White space is the empty space between the different assets in your site. Artists have been utilizing the harmonious white space for centuries in their work. That has transferred into modern usages such as web design.

There is something relaxing and aesthetically beautiful about white space, and when done right will please all of your visitors! Helping them towards taking the desired action like making a purchase or signing up for a subscription.

●    Load Speed Is Crucial
So you have your white space well optimized, and your content is absolutely world class. That’s a good start, but if your website won’t load fast people will leave in flocks. On average a viewer will decide to stay on the page in 5 seconds. If your web page hasn’t loaded in those 5 seconds they will leave 99% of the time.

Keep your load times short by using smaller sized images and videos. Java actions can drastically slow down the loading speed of a website so should be analyzed thoroughly.
Busier cities will have slower load times due to the amount of traffic, web design New York companies know how to deal with this effectively.

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●    Blend in Calls to Action
Your calls to action are what prompts visitors to make a payment or sign up for your newsletter. These important aspects of any website need to be unobtrusive so they don’t interrupt the website experience. Try to blend them in with the other content on the site for optimum conversions.

4 Reasons to use Onestopcreates for your SEO Needs

How many times today has someone told you the importance of SEO? Chances are you’ve heard this at least a few times already and probably hear it on a daily basis. The reason that so many tell you this is because it is true. If you have a website but you do not implement SEO into things, you’re only setting yourself and your business up for failure. The professionals at onestopcreates.com can help you get SEO going and improve your websites ranking, customer base and profits at the end of the day. Skeptical? Take a look at 4 reasons that SEO Is so important.

  1. You need Keywords to Rank

Keywords keep SEO afloat. You need them in all of the content on your website in order to rank on a search engine results. When you initiate SEO accordingly your site will be seen more paces and discovered by more faces.

  1. Award-Winning Company

One stop Creates is not your average company. In fact, they are a cut above the rest, providing SEO services in addition to website design, web hosting, branding and so much more. You really do not have to go anywhere else to find website services essential to your brand! They have won more than 9 awards to date for their exceptional services.

  1. SEO is King

Search Engine Optimization makes it easy to rank well within a search engine. Without it, you are unlikely to see any search engine results and may be passed up by many people who would love to work with your brand.

  1. SEO gets you Ahead

Want to increase profits? All you need to do is implement SEO into the way that you are doing things. SEO delivers more traffic to your website and as long as you are also doing your part, that results in more profits, too.