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The Big Advantages of Having a Big Screen for Your Event

  • November 21, 2015
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In recent times, you’d be hard pressed to find an event that does not have a video wall or some other kind of projection screen on stage. This screen is rigged up in such a way that it shows, in full graphic detail, the things that take place on the stage. You can catch every smile, every tear, every expression on stage even if it is hundreds of meters away from you. That is the beauty of having a video wall.


The best in this technology right now is the LED video wall, which works on the LED principle. This is actually a set of smaller LED screens that are arranged in a way to make a bigger screen. The LED technology provides screens that are lit from the back with light emitting diodes, which is why the picture quality is crisp and sharp. They can provide the best resolution that we have at the moment. And because the screen is lit from the back, its image quality is undefeated even in bright daylight conditions.

Apart from the quality itself, it is the fact that everything plays out in great detail, even for someone who might be seated right at the back of the stage. This is a great way to make everyone feel involved. If you have a good audio quality to go with the video, you could win over the whole audience.

It is a great thing to keep the audience involved, or else they might get busy entertaining themselves in other ways, which could lead to your whole event being a scene of chaotic confusion.

Nowadays, LED video wall screens are available on easy renting options. You don’t need to pay much either, and the companies that rent them out take care of the transportation, installation, and the final dismantling as well.