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Unsigned Artists Making Money

  • November 21, 2015
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Making money as an unsigned artist is not as hard as one would think. The right music mixed with the right marketing can turn an underground artist into a millionaire. There are numerous unsigned artists that are currently making millions of dollars without being signed to a major record label.

Signing to a major recording label has pros and cons. One of the biggest cons is not having the rights to music. The record labels get rights to use the artist’s music which also means they have the right to sell and make a profit from it as well. This often times leaves the artist with only a percentage of their own earnings.

The corporate greed from some recording companies is the reason why many artists are now deciding to stay unsigned. Artists are choosing to stay independent in order to be able to keep their own money. Many musicians are even creating their own record labels which is proven to be an amazing way to make unlimited profits.

Many mainstream artists openly admit that they wish they would have stayed independent. There has been numerous amounts of artists backlashing against their record labels for taking too much of their money. Most of these artists beg the record companies to end their contracts so that they could go independent. These are great examples as to how much more money can be made by not signing a deal.

Business knowledge is crucial for any unsigned artist that is aspiring to make a profit while staying independent. Business tactics such as marketing and finding new creative ways to gain more fans will help to ensure bigger profits. It is important to stay innovation and to keep up with any new trends that may help the artist gain popularity. The right business plan can turn a passion into a lucrative career.